Dartmouth and Kingswear Society

Landmark Achievements

Since its foundation, the Society has made many significant contributions to the local community in a variety of ways. The most import achievements are listed here:

Year Landmark
1959 founded by Christopher Robin Milne, Col. Richard Webb and John Smith
1963 published the Plan for Dartmouth, initiating the development of College Way
1968 helped prevent demolition of Dartmouth’s Old Market
1974 landscaped and planted Crosby Meadow, Dartmouth
1978 co-promoted Dartmouth’s first entry to ‘Britain in Bloom’
1993 onwards: lobbied for construction of Dartmouth Sewage Treatment Plant
1996 helped prevent over-development at White Rock, Paignton
1999 initiated the campaign to build The Flavel, Dartmouth’s community arts centre
2000 commissioned the first set of ‘blue plaques’ in Dartmouth and Kingswear
2001 helped achieve much improved design for residential development at Dart Marina
2004 established the Dartmouth Heritage Trail
2009 Fiftieth Anniversary
2009/10 campaign to avoid overdevelopment of Noss Marina
2011 initiated fund raising for the Community Bookshop
2011/12 helped secure the extension of the Dartmouth and Kingswear Conservation Areas
2012 supported and sponsored DALAG’s Diamond Jubilee Way leaflet and welcomed them as a Dartmouth and Kingswear Society affiliate.