Dartmouth and Kingswear Society

Dartmouth from Clarence Hill

Planning Overview

Any planned development within our area is, of course, of key concern to the Society. Thus we monitor very closely both the overall planning frameworks and individual applications for building development.

We understand the need for development to maintain the vitality of the area, but are concerned to ensure that it is carried out in a sympathetic way which respects the special local historic and scenic features.

Local Area Planning

Much of the overall planning framework is set by the South Hams District Council in a series of documents known as the Local Development Framework (LDF). The broad policy-setting documents in the LDF have been issued and approved, while the detailed planning framework for local communities is currently under preparation and review in a formal process. The Society has contributed (and continues to contribute) comments on the various LDF documents as appropriate (see recent submissions). The LDF plans will replace earlier Local Plan documents, which were last fully approved in 1996.

Other organisations which have an impact on the overall planning framework for the area include the South Devon AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) Unit and the Dart Harbour and Navigation Authority. The Society keeps in contact with these and other bodies.

Specific Planning Applications

Details of Planning applications submitted to South Hams District Council may be accessed on-line via this link. The Committee of the Society monitors all applications in our area and comments or objects where appropriate. However we do recognise the current realities of the planning process, whereby the great majority of applications are approved by SHDC. It is worth noting that the wording of an application is the choice of the applicant, not SHDC Planning Department, and may or may not reflect accurately and fully the work being proposed.

The Society prepares monthly lists of planning applications and recent decisions covering all applications in our area of interest. Our submissions on major applications (eg the Noss Marina development) are available on this website.

The Society also monitors Planning Appeals in our area and makes submissions where appropriate.