Dartmouth and Kingswear Society

Key Submissions

From time to time, major proposals are made that will significantly impact the quality of the built and the natural environment, as well as the economic prosperity of the area. These may include planning applications for major building developments, changes to important landmarks or facilities, or far-reaching strategic plans for the development of the area. The Society, along with other interest groups, naturally takes a keen interest in such proposals, where appropriate taking a lead role in mobilising a public response.

In the recent past, the redevelopment of the Noss site, the proposal to build a car park underneath Coronation Park, and the consultation on the Local Development Framework have attracted considerable interest. The Society’s Committee has invested significant time and effort in examining these proposals critically, liaising with other interested parties, attending public meetings, and making detailed written submissions. Any recent submissions are accessible from a list of links below.

  • Conservation Areas
  • Dartmouth Parking Consultation Survey
  • Response to 'Planning for the Future' Consultation