Dartmouth and Kingswear Society

Progress Reports on Planning Applications

A list of the Planning Authority’s comments on the progress of currently undecided planning applications for the parishes of Blackawton, Dartmouth, Dittisham, Kingswear, Stoke Fleming and Strete is generated every month in approximately the third week of the month and posted here.

Note that the list was created on the day stated in its heading and the status of some of the applications may have changed by the time you look at it. If you wish to get the most up-to-date information about a specific application, clicking on its link in the table will take you to the Planning Authority’s web page for that application.

Please note that the application numbers in the table column headed Ref. are all live links to the information on SHDC’s website, so, to view that information you only need to click the link and your browser will open the appropriate page on SHDC’s site.

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