Dartmouth and Kingswear Society

BRNC from down river
Royal Avenue Gardens in Spring

Aims of the Society

The Dartmouth and Kingswear Society is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the historic town of Dartmouth and the villages of Kingswear, Blackawton, Dittisham, Stoke Fleming and Strete, the River Dart and the neighbouring coastline and countryside of the county of Devon, UK.

The concerns of the Society include the conservation of both the architecture and form of the built environment and the natural beauty of the district together with the maintenance of a viable local economy in keeping with the character and history of the area.

Classic Gaffer near Dittisham
Kingswear from Dartmouth
The Kingswear Daymark

The 2022 Summer Party

The Dartmouth and Kingswear Society held its annual summer party at the Venus Café, Blackpool Sands, on 28th June. Unfortunately the weather didn’t oblige – wind and rain all evening – but inside the Café the warm welcome from Venus staff Suz and Jackie soon made us forget the grey elements outside and members and friends enjoyed meeting up again along with plentiful refreshments and the bar.

Prior to the party some members had enjoyed a pre-party garden tour of The Secret Seaside Gardens of Blackpool with our President, Sir Geoffrey Newman (see adjacent picture). This sub-tropical garden was begun by Sir Geoffrey’s grandfather in 1896 and the family have gradually enlarged and added to the rare and exotic plants. The wonderful tree canopy provided the group with shelter from the worst of the weather.

Chairman Robert Brooke brought those present up to date with a brief address on the Society’s current involvements.

The Society exists to preserve the local area by promoting high standards of planning and architecture, to monitor the activities of local government and other organisations, key issues such as parking, public transport and provision of health and wellbeing in Dartmouth. In particular, the Committee has written to Devon County Council with our objection to the latest Devon County Council proposals for withdrawal of parking spaces in Dartmouth. Most of the proposals are considered to be unacceptable and ill thought through. We have suggested that proper consultation and co-operation is organised between the three key organisations responsible for these matters in Dartmouth, namely, DCC, SHDC and DTC when considering the way ahead.