Dartmouth and Kingswear Society

BRNC from Kingswear Banjo
Royal Avenue Gardens in Spring

Aims of the Society

The Dartmouth and Kingswear Society is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the historic town of Dartmouth and the villages of Kingswear, Blackawton, Dittisham, Stoke Fleming and Strete, the River Dart and the neighbouring coastline and countryside of the county of Devon, UK.

The concerns of the Society include the preservation and conservation of both the architecture and form of the built environment and the natural beauty of the district together with the maintenance of a viable local economy in keeping with the character and history of the area.

Classic Gaffer near Dittisham
Kingswear from Dartmouth
The Kingswear Daymark
Members at Lunch at Dart Marina Hotel

Winter Market Day Lunch, 8th February, 2019

Pictured here are some of the many members who enjoyed a lunch at the Dart Marina Hotel, having braved heavy rain to get there. Fortunately the weather had improved by the time we left.