Planning Applications Decided between 12 September 2021 and 17 October 2021

Ref Date Site Address Proposal Decision Parish
2918/21/TCA13/09/2021St Michael's Church Church Hill Blackawton Devon TQ9 7BQG1: Cherry x 10 - Deadwood removal (exempt)UnknownBlackawton
3360/21/AGR24/09/2021Land at SX 787 493 Blackawton Totnes TQ9 7AEApplication for prior notification of proposed agricultural storage buildingAg Determination details not requiredBlackawton
2969/21/CLE15/10/2021Proposed Development At Sx 8074 5071 Blackawton TQ9 7BPCertificate of lawfulness for existing commencement of development in accordance with planning consent 0969/19/VARCert of Lawfulness (Existing) CertifiedBlackawton
2506/21/FUL13/09/2021Public Conveniences Coombe Road Dartmouth TQ6 9PQChange of use (in part) from WC to retail kiosk with associated worksConditional ApprovalDartmouth
2791/21/TPO13/09/2021One Gun Point Castle Road Dartmouth TQ6 0JNG001: Beech x3 - Crown height reduction by 2.5 metres on the East sideto provide adequate clearance from proposed developmentRefusalDartmouth
2805/21/FUL15/09/20215 Anzac Street Dartmouth TQ6 9DLChange of use from retail to Tap House/bottle Shop (Class E to Sui Generis)Conditional ApprovalDartmouth
3341/21/COM20/09/2021Water Tower Jawbone Hill DartmouthNotification of intention to install electronic apparatus comprising replacement of 3no. antennas and the installation of 3no. Remote RadioUnits (RRU's) with associated ancillary equipment at 18.64m on the Water TowerObjection Recommend RefusalDartmouth
0488/21/ARC21/09/2021Longcross Reservoir Townstal Road DartmouthApplication for approval of details reserved by conditions 5, 6, 9, 11and 16 of planning consent 3168/20/VARWithdrawnDartmouth
0673/21/HHO21/09/202116 Yorke Road Dartmouth TQ6 9HNHouseholder application for erection of an amateur radio aerial (part retrospective)Appeal Result:Dartmouth
3153/21/HHO22/09/20211 Churchfields West Dartmouth TQ6 9JDHouseholder application for alterations to roof and side extension (part retrospective)WithdrawnDartmouth
2956/21/LBC23/09/2021York House 1 South Embankment DartmouthListed Building consent for proposed external timber repairs, replacement windows & re-instating original entrance (Retrospective)Conditional ApprovalDartmouth
2886/21/LBC23/09/2021York House 1 South Embankment Dartmouth TQ6 9BHListed building consent for proposed internal alterations to first floor to form 3 bedroom flatConditional ApprovalDartmouth
2356/21/HHO23/09/202154 Crowthers Hill Dartmouth TQ6 9QXREADVERTISEMENT (Revised plans received) Householder application for loft conversion with rear dormerConditional ApprovalDartmouth
2037/21/ARC24/09/2021Lower Norton Farm Norton Dartmouth TQ6 0NFApplication for approval of details reserved by conditions 7, 9, 12 and 13 of planning consent 3896/18/FULDischarge of condition ApprovedDartmouth
3156/21/HHO29/09/202115 Smith Street Dartmouth TQ6 9QRHouseholder application for alterations and replacement rear extension, proposed works are in addition to approval 0667/19/HHOConditional ApprovalDartmouth
3357/21/TCA06/10/2021Blue Skies 39 Above Town Dartmouth TQ6 9RGT1: White Birch - Overall crown reduction by approx 3m due to over dominance in gardenUnknownDartmouth
3021/21/HHO06/10/202137 Churchfields Dartmouth TQ6 9HHREADVERTISEMENT (Revised plans received) Householder application for alteration and extension to existing dwellingConditional ApprovalDartmouth
2752/21/LBC08/10/202112 The Quay Dartmouth TQ6 9PSListed building consent for repairs and restoration of existing roof structure including re-slatingConditional ApprovalDartmouth
2520/21/LBC08/10/20215 Anzac Street Dartmouth TQ6 9DLListed Building consent for change of use from retail to Tap House/bottle Shop (Class E to Sui Generis)Conditional ApprovalDartmouth
2831/21/TPO13/10/2021The Moorings Warfleet Dartmouth TQ6 9BZT01: Cherry - Fell due to risk to property; T02: Cherry - Fell due to risk to property and to allow more light to other trees; T03: Cherry - Fell to allow more light to other trees; T04: Lawson Cypress - deadwood removal (exempt); T05: Sycamore - removal of limb at approx4m from ground level on South side; T06: Sycamore - crown lift to 7m from ground level on East side to provide open viewsSplit decisionDartmouth
3024/21/HHO05/10/2021Sherwood Cottage Riverside Road Dittisham TQ6 0HSHouseholder application for removal of utility structure and garage with replacement single storey extension. Works include removal of existing conservatory, removal of extension to chimney pot and replacement windows. Extension to include external porch (resubmissionof 4237/20/HHO)Conditional ApprovalDittisham
1921/21/ARC17/09/2021Tanglewood Higher Contour Road Kingswear Devon TQ6 0DEApproval of Details Reserved by Conditions (discharge) 13 On Approved Application 0343/20/FULDischarge of condition ApprovedKingswear
2627/21/VAR27/09/2021The Grange Castle Road Kingswear TQ6 0DXApplication for variation of condition 3 of planning consent 30/1101/15/CU for ancillary building used as a garage for The Grange instead of Pinewood (Resubmission of 3931/20/VAR)Conditional ApprovalKingswear
1998/21/FUL01/10/2021Bank House Lower Contour Road Kingswear TQ6 0ALREADVERTISEMENT (Revised description and revised plans received) Demolition of existing conservatory, new first floor extension, balcony handrail and ground floor porch, new window to first floorConditional ApprovalKingswear
2728/21/HHO21/09/2021Thalassa Bay View Close Stoke Fleming TQ6 0QQHouseholder application for proposed internal and external alterations removal of existing small extension, extending dormer windows and creation of new extensionConditional ApprovalStoke Fleming
0695/21/VAR12/10/2021Acorn Cottage Hillfield TQ6 0LTApplication for variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning consent 51/0748/15/FConditional ApprovalStoke Fleming
3423/20/FUL15/10/2021Rowan Cottage Bugford Stoke Fleming TQ6 0LTConstruction of new outbuilding for use as ancillary residential accommodation with associated groundworks including removal of existing garageRefusalStoke Fleming
2476/21/ARC15/09/2021Blindwells Hynetown Road Strete TQ6 0RSApplication for approval of details reserved by conditions 3, 4, 5, 6,9, 11, 12 and 13 on planning consent 2954/20/VARDischarge of condition ApprovedStrete
2875/21/HHO23/09/2021Blue Horizon Strete TQ6 0RHREADVERTISEMENT (Revised plans received) Householder application for new ancillary extension over existing garage with associated ramp and landscaping works (resubmission of 1518/21/HHO)Conditional ApprovalStrete